Monday, 25 January 2010

In a Nutshell.

A brief summary of tonight.

Charlton Athletic 0- Leyton Orient 1.
(The first home defeat since March 2009.)

A poor performance from too many of our players against a team who made up for their limitations by 'wanting it' far more than us.

Charlton had plenty of chances to grab a draw and had everything fallen our way, could have ended up running away easy winners.

It wasn't to be.
Nothing fell the way of Charlton.

Dave Mooney's woeful miss was one of those occasions where you weren't sure if you should shout abuse, laugh or cry at the ineptitude.

 Bailey, Shelvey and Mooney had particularly 'off nights' but in truth, only Richardson could leave the field with his head held high.
Elliot didn't really have much to do and Sam always looked to be a threat but our team looked as if they were all playing in ill fitting boots.

Llera was so bad, he surely won't be holding onto his place when Sodje becomes available again at the weekend.
For the second game running, he made a feature of miss kicks and slices. His distribution was a choice of a ball pumped forward, Jon Fortune style to no one in particular or an over hit ball straight to the opposition.
He has played far better.

We were lucky to keep the score down to the single goal after Orient also hit the post with Elliot well beaten.

Perhaps it's the kick up the bum the team needs but it's looking like we will have to rely on Leeds and / or Norwich imploding in order to end the season with anything other than a Play Off place.

Let's hope the team are forced to sit through a recording of the game when they arrive at Sparrows Lane tomorrow morning.

There was the first "Boo" of the season from sections of the crowd at the end of the game.

We await the reaction on Saturday against Tranmere.

A Casual Rating
Fraser Richardson can have the Lacoste polo shirt for his surging runs and along with Sam, he continued to look dangerous throughout the game.

The Primark novelty slogan Tee shirt is being awarded to all those who booed at the end of the game.
I also expect Big Mig Llera to be wearing a new tee shirt at training tomorrow for the reasons highlighted above.
Nicky Bailey has been awarded a Primark special for his now expected dive to ground, while holding his face, in the build up to Scott McGleish's goal.
He left a huge gap at the back which lead directly to a lack of cover in the penalty area.


Anonymous said...

Richardson looked very strong going forward & Sam played well with little support.
As for Bailey, Shelvey etc., perhaps it was a cunning plan to put them on tv and be crap so no buyer will be keen.

Anonymous said...

Shite articule - thought CAFC did really well till game started

Marco. said...

I appreciate all comments, however illiterate the writers appear to be.
Thanks for taking the time to visit.