Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Adams Family

We're back!

Twenty ten hasn't really got off the starting line for Charlton Athletic.

Two games being postponed due to the weather, means we have had the 'Winter Break' many thought would be a good idea in theory but couldn't ever see happening in reality.

Our last game, back in 2009, was one of those glass half full or half empty results.
I was just happy not to lose though it did give our competitors from Norfolk and Essex a chance to grab our coat tails.

So, 1600 Addicks are moving towards Adams Park, (home of the famous under soil heating), to cheer on what is likely to be a refreshed Charlton team. The lack of match fitness will be balanced out by a less ramshackle looking side as some of the illness, injury and suspensions have now served their time.
We will of course, continue to be without Sam Sodje but there are whispers that Richardson may be 'close' and Youga is nearing fitness as well.
Dailly will be back and Burton too.
Burton owes us a good performance after casting 2 points into the wind on his last time out.

I'll see you there, though if the rumours are anything to go by, it'll just be me and a very female heavy crowd who make it to the game as the majority of our male support get stuck here.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps we shpuld have stopped on the way home....


Marco. said...

Perhaps you are right.
It would have been a nice break from Alan Green wittering on.