Saturday, 20 June 2009

Version 3.0

I'm a self confessed Apple product fan.

I love the iPod, I'm a huge fan of my MacBook and my iPhone has almost become part of my arm.

I've really got it bad.

Over Easter, I resembled a teenager who had stumbled inside a sex shop.

I was walking around in a trance, inside the Apple flagship store in New York City. I was also in heaven.
It's open 24 hours a day and 7 days each week. I was there at around midnight but it was still very busy.

I uploaded the new, (3.0), software for my iPhone 3G yesterday.

It's been spoken about in hushed tones for nearly a year now, or ever since the 3G version of the original iPhone was launched last Summer.

Rumour was piled upon rumour as to what new features were to be included.

As an American piece of kit, the European fashion for sending picture messages was a glaring omission from the first two versions of the iPhone. It was widely assumed that this rather ridiculous state of affairs would be rectified.

I found it plainly embarrassing that I owned something generally held up as an icon of style and function, yet I could be outplayed by a small child with a £9.99 supermarket mobile when it came to MMS.

Another problem with the iPhone was the lack of ability when it came to 'lifting' text from emails or websites. Some kind of Copy & Paste surely would be included.

I've now had the opportunity to play with my version 3.0 for a few hours. I'm really looking forward to reading what my favourite gadget magazines have to say about it.
However, before I get influenced by what T3 and Stuff have to say, I thought I'd put my own thoughts out there.

Apparently, there are 'countless' improvements made to the iPhone by this upgrade. Most of them won't really be noticeable so I thought I'd list the functions that I know I'll be using, or think are pretty cool even though I might not use them very often.

A 'Casual' Top 5

1. A massive number one function for me is the widely predicted MMS function. I have already sent some successfully and received them too. I love the fact that the image is included within the conversation thread and then you click on it to make it larger. Easy to open, simple to send.
The only setback that I can see is that one MMS message actually counts for 4 SMS messages when you are using up your monthly allowance. This could be a problem when those 'hilarious' drunken pictures need to be sent.

2. The Copy and Paste function that iPhone owners have been pleading for has finally been included. Despite the Apple people saying how simple it is to use, I must say it has taken more than a little bit of time to get used to. I'll get there I know but at present it's a little frustrating.

3. Widescreen typing is now available for both SMS and email.
This really won't make much of a difference to me as I had already paid for this function from the iTunes Apps store but the new version does seem less 'clunky' than the version I've been using for the last 8 months.

4. Buying films and TV shows direct from the handset, without having to download them from the iTunes website using your computer is a fantastic inclusion. As long as you have a decent WiFi connection you can now buy films and TV shows on the hoof. If it's a shorter show you don't even need the WiFi as you can just use the regular 3G, Edge, etc internet connection. This function will be useful when you find yourself with a spare half an hour, waiting for a friend or for your partner to exit the shoe shop.

5. There is now a Remote Wipe function. If you lose your iPhone the panic is bound to set in pretty quickly. I know my own handset has been set up for one touch purchasing from various companies such as Amazon. I have most of my friends names, addresses and emails in the memory and I'm sure it wouldn't take a genius to go on a spending spree using my details.
It's now possible to 'wipe clean' the iPhone from any internet connected computer, even when you don't have the handset nearby. If you then find your handset again, you just Synch it with your computer where the details are still kept.

There are many more functions that Apple have included but at present, that was my top 5.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review Marco. I will be getting an iphone myself next month when my current contract expires, so this has whetted my appetite nicely.


Anonymous said...

Will the cult of the casual mean that you stand for nothing other than 'nothing'?
Spirit level Observer.

Marco. said...

Yup- most likely 'Anne'.
I don't pretend to stand for anything other than me.
Or nothing if you like!

A pair of Borg Elite to you for making my favourite comment!