Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Enough is Enough.


 I made a serious error this evening.

Maybe you have made the same error yourself recently.
 I now feel dirty, ashamed and in need of a stiff drink.

I sat down in a fairly carefree frame of mind. A CD of the Stone Roses was chugging away in the background, I had a large coffee steaming away in my favourite mug and I was soaking into a soft, leather sofa.

Within 5 minutes I felt totally aggrieved and more annoyed than I had felt all day.

It's the fault of this lot.    Tosh  

I had no reason to go there. I've been there before and hated myself afterwards.
Why couldn't I just have kicked back, enjoyed the tunes and taken it easy?

But no. I had to open up the old MacBook and have a quick glance at 'Your bloody Whinges' didn't I?

I have no problem with people having a different viewpoint to mine. It's ridiculous to assume that there will be a consensus of opinion among such a wide and diverse set of people, purely because they share a fondness for a particular football team.

Unfortunately, the wide and diverse opinions of the Charlton support are not represented. Most Charlton supporters I know are now boycotting this part of the club site, due to the steaming pile that goes on there.

The 'Your Views' part of the Official Site has been taken over by a hard core of about 15 people.
There would appear to be two camps on Your Views. I won't mention any names as it's plain to see who they are and what their (CONSTANTLY being repeated) positions are.

One group are of the opinion that we are a club who are never going to be Manchester United, we were punching above our weight for a few years and we are now in a position slightly below our 'natural' position. No problem though, we support our team through thick and thin and take the rough with the smooth.

The other group are SO bloomin' angry. They moan about the players, they moan about the coaching, they moan about the manager, they moan about the food and drink available at the Valley, they moan about how the board need to get their act together, they moan about buying season tickets but "not being happy about it" - (??????). 

Both groups of course, can't see any grey. 
It's black and white. 
I'm right and you're wrong.
I'm clever and you're an imbecile.
I have the whole picture and you have a snapshot.
It's not good enough and I have all the answers.
It's not good enough and I don't have any answers.
.......... and the final argument, supposed to have the opposition running for the hills -
               "I've been a Charlton supporter since 19**". (Like it makes any difference.)

As I said above, I have no problem with people making an ass of themselves in public. You can have any opinion you like as far as I'm concerned. My problem is that we have people who are completely rubbishing the efforts of the club, on the club's own website. 

I have complete respect for Matt Wright who has the unenviable task of trying to keep the whole thing just the right side of sane. In his position, I'd have pulled the plug on the whole thing months and months ago.

The club website should be a place where fans and non fans go for information. I've looked at other clubs websites on many occasions for facts prior to Charlton playing their team or purely out of interest.

I've never seen an area of another club website devoted to knocking themselves. It's madness.

If Crystal Palace fans were having a go at Tangoman on their own official site we'd think that Palace had lost it completely. Yet we persist.

There are plenty of places where people can go for a moan but in my opinion, the Official Club Site should not be one of them.

One question. 
Would a successful organisation such as McDonalds have a section on their own official site where people can complain about the service, food, parking, etc?      burgers

I think not.

Your Views: - Casual Rating.

I would rate the Your Views section of the Official Charlton Athletic website as a pair of Bay City Rollers style trousers....... with black greasy stains where the flare got caught in a bicycle chain......... and a wet patch down the front........ and a beer belly spilling over the waist band... being worn by John Prescott.


Anonymous said...

Good one!
I agree that the club need to rethink the YV section of the site.
Those ****ers are showing us up.

Anonymous said...

That's all well and good Marco but I've been a Charlton supporter since 1875 - before the club started - and I think the board have let us down badly by not buying Ronaldo when they had the chance...why oh why..

Anonymous said...

Self Flat err sorry self destruction comes to mind.

Colin in Thailand

Marco. said...

It seems to be taking the idea of a 'free press' to a ridiculous extreme.
Bet they wouldn't let that happen in Thailand eh Colin!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone show up to their mass demo after the Norwich game?
Did anyone join in their planned walkout?
They are pathetic and we don't need them

Marco. said...

I'm not sure that I totally agree with you 'Anne"

As "pathetic" as you might think some of the YV's crowd are, they are still Charlton supporters. In the current situation, where a pound is a pound and the club needs as many of them as it can get, we most certainly DO need them.