Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Protests Imminent?

Anyone who has started following Charlton Athletic since the return to the Valley would probably agree that these are "The Worst of Times".

Even those people who endured the journey to the Supermarket on the Surrey border, would have to say that the current situation at Charlton is pretty dire.

For a new generation of fans who weren't part of the Back to the Valley campaign, this may well be the period they will look back on with either pride or embarrassment.

"Grandad, what did you do in the battle with nasty Roland and Kate?"

Now is the time to step up. 

Direct confrontation is rarely the way to win over the moderates you want to join the cause. It's a very quick and easy way to just get yourselves labelled as the 'mindless and clueless', no matter how valid your point may be.

This is why I would love any protests to include a smattering of humour.

Any bunch of idiots can smash a window and try and get people to take notice.
Unfortunately all that will do is reinforce the negative stereotypes of the angry fan.

How about some passive aggressive slogans?
Roland Is A Silly Boy
Down With This Sort Of Thing!
Angry But Not Sure How To express It

I'm Peeved.
Just a thought as we approach the weekend.
See you there. 2:30pm, West Stand car park.


Anonymous said...

My son and I will be there Marco. My wife sort of grounded things with a few innocent questions,like "What will you actually be doing?", "so you're going to shout at a building then?", "will there be any swearing?"

Women eh...

Pembury Addick

Marco. said...

I'm not sure what to expect either.
Hopefully with the natural cut off of people wanting to see the game it will be a short show of solidarity
Just being there will show support

Marco. said...

Despite what KM has reportedly said about the protest, I thought it was very restrained and good natured- until she came to the window. Even then it was more of a pantomime response to her than anything vicious