Saturday, 28 November 2015

Playing the Percentage Game

The appalling events in Paris, two weeks ago, made me hold back from having a gripe about the way my local football club is being run.

Suddenly, my little concerns seemed rather pointless in the grand scheme of things.

Paris is a city I know well.  I have walked down the same streets where the news media congregated, though of course I was usually high on life and Pelforth beers rather than holding back the tears at the madness of the modern world.

If terrorism is going to win we have to change our behaviour - and I refuse to let that happen.
So today it's back to normal and I'm going to be part of the 'negative' support of Charlton Athletic.

We may be moaning but we are at least showing up. 

We are prepared to support the team. There are thousands (not hyperbole, it really is thousands) who are now refusing to attend, many who have already paid via their own Season Tickets.

Millwall Mick is bringing his Ipswich side to the Valley today. 
I've always quite liked him and he is a quality manager.
Just the kind of manager we can only dream of- unless he takes a sabbatical doing a spot of coaching in the Belgian part time leagues to catch the eye of Roly.

McCarthy said in his press conference that Ipswich will be looking forward to this 'local derby'.
I suppose it's all relative but as far as most Londoners are concerned, Ipswich may as well be on the moon.

Today I will be proud to show my dissent against an ownership who, while spending millions, have not captured the essence of what it means to be a football supporter.

Our club used to be the model of ownership-supporter interaction. 

We are now seen as irritants, and that's just the ones who are still showing up!

I hate to use the word 'customers' but any business who treats their own regular supporters with such disdain will crumble.

Be Loud.
Be Proud.
Support the team.
Hate the Regime.

Stand up for the 2%!

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