Saturday, 11 January 2014

Let Down

Charlton Athletic - Barnsley

Well, that was hardly the start to Mr Roland's new Charlton era we were hoping for.

What a let down.
-'Game Postponed' - and at such a time when it was too late for most supporters to make other plans.

Luckily for me, I have only a short walk from home to get to fixtures at the Valley but I am most certainly in the minority.

An extremely annoyed bloke in the Rose of Denmark was letting rip about travelling all the way from 'mid Kent,' and I have to say I agreed with his moaning sentiment.

Those poor sods who made the journey from South Yorkshire have nothing but my 100% empathy if they want to have a grumble and cuss about Charlton Athletic.

Today was an absolutely perfect day for football.
It would have been glorious.

I assume Tuesday's encounter with Oxford must be (at the very least) considered at risk.

Personally, I think we should just hand it to Oxford and say,
"We've messed you about enough.
We aren't going to be winning the FA cup and nobody at the Valley is remotely bothered about the 'prize' of yet another trip to Huddersfield, - so you take it"

As for Barnsley, though I speak for nobody other than myself, I'd like to offer my heartfelt apologies for the way today was handled.

The only plus point about today was instead of a brief catch up with friends, we got to have a proper chat.
Thanks Al, Al's father in law, Ted, Jeff and all the RoD crew, plus the RLA Greenwich for a splendid afternoon, even if it wasn't the one I was expecting when I put my coat on and left the house.

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Anonymous said...

I too travel from mid-Kent an 80 mile round journey. I was none too pleased.
I too publicly offer my apology to fans of Barnsley.