Wednesday, 29 January 2014

I Want My CAFC.

I'm fairly certain this evening marks an unprecedented low point with regards my own relationship with Charlton Athletic as a club. 

When we were finally shown the exit door from the Premier League, then cascaded down to L1 (after a brief flirtation with the Championship), I felt bullish and still proud to be Charlton.

 Now it seems the heart and soul has been ripped from Charlton Athletic, just so we can be a nursery club for a Belgian side. 

Why should Powell be made to sell his, (and our), favourite players, only for them to be replaced by kids and journeymen who have lost their mojo elsewhere?  
The Charlton role in the grand scheme is now just to get Roly's under performers back on track and then return them to their 'real' team.

I adore Chris Powell but surely he is now a dead man walking?
From the outside looking in, he's having his players sold without his knowledge and then receiving ones he hasn't asked for. 
His contract runs out this Summer and it hasn't been reviewed or renewed.
Name a sensible player who would sign for him now, unless he were 'forced' to by the all powerful Roly Poly? 
It would be impossible for me to hold Powell in higher esteem but I wouldn't sign for him in the current circumstances.
It's all very dispiriting. 

Obviously, I'll continue going to the Valley and enjoy meeting up with friends but right now, it feels like *our* Charlton, for the immediate future at least, is gone. 


Ben said...

Sums up the way I feel too. It feels as though our club has been stolen from us. Very sad, my personal low in 20 years of watching cafc.

Anonymous said...

Well said CA - sums up my feelings too. Don't know whether to go to the Valley and yell abuse at Roland or not bother as it doesn't feel like my club any more. Think I'll yell abuse..

Pembury Addick

Anonymous said...

It has never been easy being a Charlton fan but tonight feels like a real low. I support CP completely and believe he is still more than the right man for the job but that he is being pushed to the limit by people who don't understand what our club is all about. Letting Kerms go ....crazy!! L 1 looks more than likely as the heart is sucked from our team.