Sunday, 7 April 2013

What a Week.

Last weekend we had a home victory that for the first 20 minutes looked completely fanciful. Bolton were just too good and we went 2 nil down extremely quickly.

The 3-2 fight back was enough to make us happy again and forget our appalling home record.

A midweek draw against highly fancied Brighton kept the momentum going nicely which brought us to the visit of Leeds United.

Leeds were one of my tips for the top at the beginning of the season.
Unfortunately for them, Colin seemed to have no help from 'upstairs', culminating in his departure after a defeat to Derby last week.

I was fairly shocked at how poor Leeds were.
They're certainly a team who are a shadow of the one they were 18 months ago.
Becoming a feeder club for Norwich can't have helped.

At no point yesterday did I feel Charlton were in danger of losing.
It seemed as if we were going to have to be satisfied with a totally undeserved dropping of 2 points for a short while but for once, Charlton managed to send us home bouncing after the setback.

Jackson opened the scoring with a blast into the top of the net, though we were all wondering if he was offside, the officials didn't seem bothered.

Other than a shot that hit the outside of the post, Leeds offered nothing in reply until our old friend Reg Varney came on as a sub.

His time at the Valley was frustrating. He scored some good goals but missed many more, often in a fashion that made you turn into John Cleese, clasping your knees.

A rather flukey deflected shot after a spot of pinball in the Charlton penalty area had Varney celebrating weakly.
Some thought it was because he was showing us 'respect' but I know it was because he was ashamed, due to controlling the ball with his arm.

Obika came on to run around with purpose for the last 5 minutes and while most of us were thinking "typical Charlton, bah!" He rose like a salmon to nod in the winner, deep into added on time.


Three sides of the Valley erupted and the Northerners sulked off home.

Chris Powell was last off the pitch and resurrected his (double) tunnel jump to the delight of the crowd.

Happy days.


Anonymous said...

I'm not bothered either but he was offside.

Anonymous said...

He might have been offside apart from ball to him coming off a defender.
He was certainly unmarked.
Varney 'might' have handballed it in buildup to his goal.