Saturday, 13 April 2013

I Believe In Miracles..........

Barnsley 0 - Charlton Athletic 6 (SIX).

I believe in miracles. Where you from?
You sixy thing (you sixy thing-you)

Well. That was pretty good wasn't it?

Having just crossed the Atlantic, I decided that I'd done enough travelling and therefore at no point was I heading up North to Barnsley.

This didn't change my feelings of joy, or the happiness on behalf of all those Addicks who did make the journey, (plus all the twitter Addicks who were following the game online via CAFC player and social media).

I actually managed to miss the first 2 goals due to also trying to follow the Masters golf from Augusta.


There were still FOUR more for me to enjoy.

A fantastic day to be an Addick. We've played well and not got what we deserved in many games this season but since Bolton came to the Valley, a corner has been turned.

On Tuesday, Cardiff are fully expecting us to be cannon fodder for their ongoing promotion party but even if this is the case, our season is ending on a bit of a high.
We didn't expect this a few weeks ago.

Six different scorers could well end up being a pub quiz answer so here goes.

Pritchard, (4), Jackson (19), Kermorgant (48), Harriott (59), Kerkar (80) and Fuller (93).

Barnsley may try to soften the blow by saying they had 2 players red carded but the game was well and truly up for them well before anybody was sent off.
(Dawson on 62 minutes and Kennedy on 86 minutes).

Enjoy your Saturday night fellow Addicks.
I know I will.

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