Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Well Earned Point.

Leeds United 1 - Charlton Athletic 1

A point away at Elland Road is more than I expected but it could have been more.

Leeds scored with perhaps their first proper attempt on goal, but only after a heavy push on Cort had been missed by what seems to be our typical official this season.

The BBC London team were tearing strips out of the referee at Half Time and even mild mannered Chris Powell had to be guided away from the optically challenged man in black.

Charlton were by far the better side in the second half.
 Dorian Dervite scored an early equaliser and the team pushed on.

Paddy Kenny kept Leeds in it with some remarkable saves from Solly, Pritchard and BWP.

We'd all have accepted a point but a draw always has a feeling of what might have been? when you finish the game on top and it becomes clear you've been on the receiving end of (another) refereeing howler.

In summary, a pleasing performance, especially after the disappointment at the Valley a few days ago.

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Ilkleywhite. said...

Leeds fan here in peace

Thought you played well, indeed, you could/should have won it, our Keeper Paddy Kenny kept Leeds in
the game, and yes it was a shove in the back on your player when Leeds scored, ref should have flagged for a foul, but the goal stood, fair play to Charlton fans kept singing and supporting the team throughout, always liked your manager Chris Powell, as a player and now a manager, seems a top bloke as well, fully expect Charlton to climb the table, wouldnt be surprised to see you finish top six, good luck to you.