Saturday, 6 October 2012

New Role?

Blackpool 0 - Charlton Athletic 2.

For the first time in a few seasons, Charlton played a game without me either a) being present or b) following the action via commentary on radio or the CAFC player service.

Today, I didn't head up to the North West coast to enjoy the unexpected away victory.
I was at the Lakeside shopping centre over in Essex!

Until I got a text message from Crispy congratulating himself on his betting prowess, (Cort to score), I had no knowledge of events at the Seaside.

A later message announcing Chris Solly had belted one in from outside the penalty area put a little bounce in my step.

Knowing how these things can work out, it was the Final Scores on the radio while exiting the car park that made me finally relax and do that ridiculous fist pump we all do.

I had been to our two previous games at Bloomfield Road and left there cold, wet and disappointed on both occasions.
It didn't seem much of a hardship to stay at home instead of doing a long schlep North, for what seemed like a pretty obvious home win.

Well done to Chris Powell, the players and back up squad for winning a game not many people would have predicted..

I received a few messages this evening with a common theme, that being I need to stay away from Charlton games more often!

I don't really fancy that role very much.


Hungry Ted said...

Funnily enough, I faced a similar scenario yesterday. I wasn't able to follow it in quite my usual obsessive manor as I was flying by the seat of my pants driving back from work in Islington to meet friends for a night out at The O2.

Partly the reason I don’t have CAFC Player is because I have this ridiculous notion that we always loose when I listen to live commentary.

Great result. And now we can relax into the international break.

Martin said...

Thanks for the mention - especially as it will probably be my only successful punt of the season!