Sunday, 19 February 2012

Trannies 1- Addicks 1.

I missed very nearly all of the game yesterday, due to having a 'family day'.

With the games coming thick and fast, it didn't seem much of a hardship to forego the long trip up to the Wirral, or indeed, an afternoon giving myself an ulcer listening to the CAFC player service.

Of course, I couldn't pretend the game wasn't happening.
My iPhone has a way of interrupting all activities.

Even though I was helping my niece choose some new trainers, I still had the opportunity to exclaim a short "bugger!" as the ifooty app let me know we were 1-0 down.

The Marina at Brighton is a lovely place to while away the time, sipping long drinks, maybe a spot of shopping or having a snack.
Unfortunately, when the weather is poor, like most of England, it is a windswept, cold and miserable place.

I could hardly bring myself to have a look at the yachts, which I usually really enjoy, it was that soul destroying.

I returned to my sister and her family's home in time to listen in to the last 15 or 20 minutes.

It seems I happened upon our most impressive part of the game.

A strong finish always feels better than a poor one.

Congratulations to Michael Morrison. I've now seen his goal and he took it well.
The point he won us can be added to the pile as we push on towards our target of promotion.

I looked at one of the betting websites yesterday morning and by transferring odds to percentages, it would appear we are now assumed to be 95% assured of promotion!
It'll have reduced now I suppose after 'only' a draw but betting on Charlton to go up, really isn't the way to make any sort of money.

It's a short rest before we are all back at the Valley on Tuesday evening.

See you there, assuming the mad dash out of work goes to plan.

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