Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Frustration at The Valley

Charlton Athletic 1 - Rochdale 1.

While walking home from the Valley this evening, I was thankful I could be back on the sofa so quickly.

The highpoint of my evening was catching the end of Blur's set on television, (playing just a stones throw away at the O2 Arena as part of the Brits extravaganza).

It could have been so different at the Valley.

Charlton had many chances but a combination of solid defending, good goalkeeping and the relative safety of barn doors meant half time arrived with the scoreboard being unmoved.

The second period was one of those annoying halves when you just know Charlton are only a whisker away from scoring a hatful, yet seemed incapable of scoring that first one to set the avalanche in motion.

Good goalkeeping again helped Rochdale's cause but really, it just wasn't our day.

Charlton haven't played with anything like the panache we were witnessing in the first 3rd of the season for quite a few games now.

That free flowing spirit is missing and results are being ground out.
Personally, I don't really care too much as long as we are in a position to leave this league at the end of the season but I'm really hoping for a little more enjoyment along the way.
It's not too much to ask.

Hamer had been a relative spectator until he had to pick the ball out of his net.

To say the Rochdale fans went wild would be an accurate description but it was rather like watching a celebration with the sound turned down. 
The picture at the top of this piece gives an accurate representation of their numbers having been taken about 3 minutes before kick off.

The Dale supporters deserved their chance to go crazy but it was short lived as Kermorgant scored a peach of a free kick only a couple of minutes later.

Surely we would now push on and win it?

Well, no.

Charlton limped towards the end of the game, never quite believing the ball was going to make it into the goal.

There were a couple of good chances, a goal mouth scramble where maybe 3 times the ball could have been poked in and a few more chances that made me shake my head as the referee decided rules had been broken in the build ups.

BWP had more efforts on goal today but again, his much desired first goal of 2012 has yet to arrive.

It was all just a little flat tonight.

On tonight's evidence, I'd imagine the scouts from Stevenage will be feeling an organised and disciplined performance on Saturday will be enough to take the points.

With one of the biggest crowds of the season expected in a few days time, it would be rather embarrassing to remind all those stay aways why they don't come anymore.

Let's hope for a rocking atmosphere on Saturday that hauls the team out of the present doldrums. 


Anonymous said...

thst sums it all up nicely Marco. It seemed a very unbalanced side - but I think that was down to forced changes and playing a team that he planned to be be more adventurous.

We have a very combatitive, effective side, but don't have the capability to unlock a tight defence - and I remember early home games that were the same (Scunthorpe and Tranmere).

Pembury Addick

Anonymous said...

No Jackson, No leadership. The front two just don't work together. Tactically very poo, running people down the line then leaving them isolated does no good at all. The only time we looked like winning was when we went three at the back and that was far to late.

Chris Powell has worked wonders, but he seems to have become a little (easily) predictable of late. I know top of the league should I complain? But surely Jackson isn't the only leader.

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

As I commented on the Bury game for all his panache and passing ability Dale Stephens is the problem. He lacks pace in everything he does and even if the opposition don't play 5 across the middle he leaves us a man light because he can't or won't press the ball when we don't have it, he is a luxury we can't afford at this time. The injury and late illness absences added to SCP's woes but he's displaying an abiding tendency to stick with plan/formation A for far too long after it's clearly not working.
Stephens' lack of physicality and energy will be sorely exposed by Stevenage's bulk and industry on Saturday - let's hope SCP doesn't let us all see that played out.
Still clear at the top so things are still good but a couple of important selection decisions need to be got right this week or the gritty draws will dry up and the frustration will turn to genuine concern