Saturday, 24 July 2010

Summer's Here And The Time Is Right

After what feels like an eternity, those of us who work in 'Education', finally packed up yesterday for the Summer.

I'm a little perturbed that the traditional '6 weeks holiday' seems to have been rebranded as the '5 week break'.
In reality, I know most people in our country, (who are lucky enough to still be in work), would cry tears of joy at the prospect of an entire month with only minimal paperwork and a few days of planning on the horizon.

The final week of the Summer term is always the worst.
Leavers Assemblies, Leavers Disco, a final mad rush to get all the assessment information into the correct files, (both paper and electronic) and a rather knackered group of kids all contribute to a very long 5 days.

I woke late this morning, watched a bit of television, nursed a coffee, had lunch and dropped the girls off at Bexleyheath.
I then came home and fell asleep again until very nearly 7.30pm!

Rave on Grandad!

Needless to say, I didn't schlep up the Northern Line to witness the friendly one nought defeat at Barnet.
Apparently, not many others did either as the attendance was less than 900.

I won't be stepping back into my classroom until September 1st so for the first time in ages, I haven't felt guilty about doing nothing with my weekend.

Tomorrow I promise I'll do something but today was that day where it all stretches out in front of you with a myriad of possibilities.

Sometimes I feel truly blessed.


Anonymous said...

I see Parky has found his new striker!

Anonymous said...

Ah, bliss Marco, enjoy. If you ask me stepping back in the classroom on 1st September is not necessary, the little buggers won't know if you are there or not. From a fellow sufferer, Miss Kish.