Thursday, 15 July 2010

It's Coming Together

After a break that was partly due to being far too busy, and partly to do with not really having any urge to comment on this blog,  I suddenly felt a 'stirring' this afternoon.

The signing today of Christian Dailly for another season was most definitely a step in the right direction and flicked a switch in my brain.

Before today, the return of Johnnie Jackson and Gary Doherty definitely made me feel a little reassured that the club are doing all they can with very limited funds.

Jackson really impressed me in his brief loan period with us last season. 
He looked to be a 'Charlton' type of player and I'm very pleased he's now joined for real.
 Doherty may not be everyones idea of a flashy signing but he most certainly is the kind of solid player we need around the youngsters who are sure to be part of our next squad.

The signing of Alan McCormack from Southend meant nothing to me if I'm being honest. My knowledge of 3rd tier football isn't strong enough to have formed an opinion on him before I heard he had signed.
His appearance at Welling on Tuesday was a secure enough performance, showing there is something there to build on. A poor man's Nicky Bailey perhaps?

Akpo Sodje completed his move from Sheffield Wednesday but as he was here for such a long time last season, it doesn't really feel like a signing. (Neither does the signing of Scott Wagstaff, who I feel could be one of the stars of the coming season.)

I'm beginning to feel a little hopeful, -always dangerous where Charlton are concerned!

So, who's next?

The return of Kyel Reid?
Or even the return of Jon Fortune who was spraying his 40 yard passes around the Park View Road turf on Tuesday? 

One thing is certain. The story of Charlton Athletic is likely to be getting yet more exciting and disappointing chapters in the next few months.

I'm starting to look forward to climbing back on board.

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