Tuesday, 23 February 2016

It's All Over Now.

Mathematicians may disagree but we all know that we should start preparing for League One.

Cheers Roland. 

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Anonymous said...

Hey It's all over just for now, Baby blue/red

Stating the bloody obvious (me), that tosser owner either doesn't have the expertise, or desire or both to capitalise on the potential of the club. A well run club with a successful side, in the right hands and the quoted 20.000 + target is truly feasible, why not, we've been around that mark before in recent'ish history. That doesn't go away, which is why P Varney's connections are interested. Once 'Frankenstein Experiment' reaches its inevitable conclusion, we might just get lucky. We certainly deserve some. That is the only positivity I have. Strike another match go start anew! Keep the hope!