Saturday, 30 January 2016

Three Points but The Fight Goes On

Rotherham 1  - Charlton Athletic 4.

A welcome 3 points today and the confirmation that having somebody who has more than the very slightest clue sitting in the Head Coach hot seat, really can make a difference.

If only somebody had thought to tell Katrien and Roland eh?

Except for the final 25 minutes, I didn't follow the game today as I was on the move.
I looked at twitter using the WiFi on South West Trains into Waterloo and then the brief moments of contact as my Jubilee line train paused at the stations heading to North Greenwich.

I've just seen the highlights on Channel 5, (with the added bonus of Chris Powell being a studio guest), and it did seem as if Charlton were worthy winners, despite Rotherham blowing the chance to get back into the game, amusingly sending a penalty kick into orbit.

While on the train, I attempted to watch the video of the Fans Forum.
To be honest, it was ridiculously tedious and was less of a forum in the true sense of the word and more of an exercise in justifying what has happened since RD arrived and denying any blame for the mistakes - or even acknowledging there have been any mistakes.

No change there then.

I scrolled forwards and watched small chunks so there may have been some nuggets I missed but one section I did see was when KM was asked to explain why Roland hasn't seen fit to watch a game live since 2014.

The usual flannel about him being passionate about the club and sitting with a live stream of every game was let loose to stink out the room but then, (and I paraphrase here as I really, REALLY can't be bothered to go back and transcribe the exact wording), Katrien made the odd statement that he was really too busy to attend.

This amazed me.

It might surprise you to learn that I am neither a multi millionaire or even the boss of where I work. Like most people, I'm a wage slave who can't pick my hours or even decide the order various projects are to be tackled.

Roland Duchatelet on the other hand, can decide what days he works, where he works or even if he is going to get out of bed that day.
There can't be many people who have made their fortune but don't have the resources and safety net of a fawning staff to answer the phones while they sneak out of the office to indulge in things they are 'passionate' about.

Katrien Meire has stated she wants to get 20,000 people inside the Valley.
What are the chances of finding 20,000 people less busy than a bloke who could be living a life of leisure?
I have a demanding job yet I shuffle things around to do all the things a grown up has to do.
 I make the time.

Surely, maybe even just out of curiosity, you'd imagine Roland might want to see first hand something he is so, (ahem), emotionally connected to?

 It's not like he's got that far to come. His potential journey is less miles than a trip from London to Newcastle yet multimillionaire Mike Ashley seems to manage to squeeze in visits to see his team each week.

Duchatelet could come for the day using Eurostar or even a half day using a quick flight into City Airport.

He could even gain some brownie points with Mrs D, or his secretary, or his Mistress, (I'm guessing here) and make a weekend break, staying in a nice chic London hotel, a spot of shopping on Bond Street and an evening at Lion King with a classy meal at Pizza Express or Nandos.
*He would of course have to nip off for a couple of hours to see that pesky sports team he's passionate about but everyone has to make compromises.

What we all know is that if he wanted to, Roland could juggle things around and come to the Valley at the very least once a month but he doesn't because he has zero interest.

Yet another example of the people in charge treating us like idiots.

Today's result changes nothing.


Anonymous said...

He reminds me of Cameron's love of Aston Ham or was it West Villa and the club's like watching the happy friendly family down the road becoming totally dysfunctional, through mental illness. There will come a point when the house of cards (CARD) becomes unsustainable and they will go, but what then? Another R. Murray recommendation, or will we be sold on to even more highly skilled Belgium business people with expertise in perhaps the sewage industry?

Anonymous said...

I skimmed through the 'report' of the Forum meeting on the CAFC website ... I didn't expect anything of any substance to have been said or reported.

What struck me though was what was not said.....
In response to the question of 'What plans are there for the South Stand' all they said was that they are looking at what to do with the space. No denial that a block of flats or other building is not planned. I think that says it all.
Watch out for the rich property developer planning to ruin our football ground with a building that he can let out and reap massive profits from.
At best we could be left with a 'rump' of a stand for a few away supporters use or at worst we could be left with a 3 sided ground with a brick wall covering one side.

As for Richard Murray - he has absolutely NO credibility left at all now.

Marco. said...

Just a quick note to let you know you're wasting your time.
You can keep sending me more examples of your illiterate fuck-wittery if you like but it's due to people like you that I have a comment moderating facility.
Nothing you say is of interest to me and nothing will get published on here.
Despite you hiring a 4 year old to transcribe your missives I've managed to glean that you think RD and KM are fantastic and you really would like to have both of their babies.
I think they are wrecking the club.
We have different ideas of what we want for Charlton Athletic.
In 'Black and White'- we do not agree.
If you could string an argument together that was stronger than you loving them because you aren't sexist or racist you might be able to win a few people over.
You haven't even started to do this.

Waste your time if you want but anything you post will be deleted instantly.


Anonymous said...

a2c = V d1m.
Their ridiculous ILLITERATE joke repetition never directly tries to address any of the issues or questions, so why publish it.
I just wonder what their age is, as I can't understand their extreme lack of human development.

Anonymous said...

Does Igor V remind anyone else of ex-Addict Garth Crooks, short quick stocky powerful pacey and good in the air with skill and anticipation. Or is it just me? Did u see that nutmeg and turn, class. STT support the team.

Anonymous said...

Well done Marco. I hope other bloggers follow your stance and block the fool. This is not about freedom of speech. Over a considerable amount of time now, the fool has proven to be an antagonistic one trick pony, blatantly not a fan of the club but a mischief maker trying to cause trouble.


Hungry Ted said...

Can you send a2c to my blog so I can double my readership...

Marco. said...

He'll find you eventually...

Anonymous said...


Excellent - well done for responding to A2C in such a wonderful way.
I don't mind if he's a supporter of the regime - that's his right to hold a contrary view to the other 98% of supporters if he wants to be in the elite 2%!

What I object to is his insistence on using terminology that is only understandable in a kindergarten.
If only every other moderator treated him in the same way until he decides to use English in his musings....