Thursday, 24 December 2015

Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings (obviously not football season), to all, -or nearly all-, of the people who've stopped by here over the last year to glance at my missives.

The infrequent nature of my blogging is mainly down to my unwillingness to be a 100% moaner. 
It's very tough not to get on a roll and have a rant when thinking about the current plight of CAFC.

There are wonderful things happening in the world that fill me with joy and happiness. 
Charlton Athletic is no longer one of these things.

While there have been many changes in my life involving births, deaths, marriage breakdown, serious illness and all the other things that thread together to form 'being a grown up', the one constant has been the excitement and enjoyment of following Charlton, win or lose.

Unfortunately, the Charlton that we all remember from just over 2 years ago has gone and I am getting no pleasure from it at all.
The unity once experienced between the club and the supporters has been replaced by infighting, rumour, counter rumour, conspiracy theories and plain old lies.

We have the richest owner we've ever had, yet we are drip fed nuggets of being 'over budget' when it comes to the part of the business that laces up their boots, while extraordinary sums are being spent on the training ground and the Valley infrastructure.

A man who obviously is no fool when it comes to money and getting hold of it, has trusted the day to day management of a multimillion pound organisation with someone who has so little experience they've yet to prove they could manage a sweet shop.
The *one* part of the organisation most of us really care about, the playing staff, are now under the command of a 5th rate coach whose record is so poor, he should be embarrassed to get in his car and drive to work- yet he's kept on as he's a cheap option hiding behind a fake 'interim' label.

I so wish things could be different.
Despite what RD and KM think, it's not their club.
 It was here long before they'd even heard of Charlton and once they've packed up their failed experiment, there will still be people wanting to support the team in (as The Guardian wrote) this 'unfashionable' part of London.

With a change of heart Roland could be a hero but unfortunately, with the Christmas story in the back of my mind, I'm afraid to say RD is looking more and more like a Herod.

Happy Christmas to all Addicks and let's hope for a better 2016.

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Anonymous said...

Well said. I've supported the club since 1966, never have I felt so low or less attached to what is happening. When the club recently offered half season tickets I did consider asking if I could have one, as I'd already had the first half perhaps they could refund the second half? Here's to a change of heart from Duchelet and he invests a small part of his wealth into maintaing out second tier status. COYA