Sunday, 21 December 2014

Miserable Christmas

Miserable in Lancashire

Blackburn Rovers 2 - Charlton Athletic 0

Well what a load of rubbish eh?

As much as we can all agree the club has 'moved on' since Roland shelled out on our particular area of South East London, yesterday was a supreme example of why we will remain a mid table Championship club, at best, for the foreseeable future.

The Valley stadium, the pitch and the behind the scenes set up are all streets ahead of the standard we had become used to last year but nobody supports a club because they share the owners fiscal prudence policy and because the training ground has been given the all clear for a revamp.

It's on the pitch that counts and just now we have holes all over the place where injured players should be or, as yet, quality unsigned players are needed.

We know Roland isn't afraid to make unpopular decisions.
Shafting Chris Powell, (saying to anyone who would listen that Powell had his support and was 'his man', while making it impossible for him to do his job and having his replacement already in the wings for the moment the FA cup run ended), prove his public words mean nothing but even some sort of weak platitude filled flannel hasn't been reported yet on what Roland plans to do with our threadbare squad.

If the first choice 11 were fit and available, with possibly a couple of senior players as subs, we could maybe compete most weeks in this division, assuming everyone managed to play an entire season without any drop in form or injury.

Of course, this is never going to happen.

Yesterday, Jordan Bloomin Rhodes showed just what we are missing. 

Igor hasn't been the same since he had his injury lay off and I'm convinced it's partly due to him being rushed back sooner than he should have been due to there being nobody else of his quality within the squad.

Last Christmas Roland bought the club as a Christmas present to himself.

This year he needs to buy some accessories to go with it, preferably a decent attacking foil for Igor as number one on his shopping list.

January Sales are just around the corner.

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Anonymous said...

A football club is not just for one Christmas Roland.

Is D Bent available on a free soon, he says he's not interested in money.