Saturday, 18 October 2014

End of the Run

AFC Bournemouth 1 - Charlton Athletic 0

Boo Hoo.
Well that's it then.
We've been found out and we won't get another point all season.

The social media over reactions, after a 1-0 away defeat, were as ill thought out as they were over represented with spelling and grammar errors.

We've reached mid October before exiting a pitch pointless, which is pretty decent for a side expected to be propping up the league when predictions were put into print back in July.

Yes, Charlton were ridiculously poor today. 

Yes, the referee apparently had been told we'd had a couple of lucky breaks recently so decided it was his role to even it all up and Yes, the Barca/Tequila Sunrise/High Vis vest new Charlton 3rd kit might look a bit pony but every team has days when things don't click.

If I had to pick a team to break our unbeaten run I'd have chosen one of the inoffensive 'courtesy' sides in the division like Bournemouth. 

Nobody gets riled by a Bournemouth supporter. They've always seemed a really decent bunch, quick to accept their teams shortcomings but also desperate for their club to progress. 

Much better to lose to a club that mean absolutely nothing to us than to a bunch who are going to crow and remind us about it for years.

Just imagine if the Owls from Sheffield had stopped our run? 
We'd never have heard the end of it.

Other than Arter, who always seems to turn into a nasty piece of work when playing against Charlton, (trying too hard after being told he wasn't good enough to stay with the Addicks?), Bournemouth are an easy team to warm to. 

Today was their day and we deserved nothing.

I'm more concerned this week with the shambles and shenanigans going on at Old Loyal Britons, a pub that had everything going for it.

OLB was a place that was different from the identikit, lager swilling learner drinker pubs in the area. 
A devoted and growing customer base, Asset to the Community status possibly on the cards and knowledgable, passionate, tireless staff behind the bar.

To go to bed one night believing all is well, then the next day to be sent pictures of the place all boarded up was to put it mildly, a crying shame.

Now that's a reason to go wild and over react on social media.

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