Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Smooth Criminals

Norwich City 0 - Charlton Athletic 1
Like most Addicks fans, I was expecting to be saying post game, something along the lines of, 

"Well, the unbeaten run was fun while it lasted but tonight the class of top of the table Norwich City proved too much for our cobbled together bunch of players".

How wrong were we / was I?

Norwich were in command for every one of the 95 minutes played but they just couldn't break down the heroic defending of a Charlton side who worked together to deny them.

As the game entered the final phase, I was hoping with all my heart we'd be able to hang on to the 0-0 draw against tremendous pressure.

Then on 87 minutes, Jackson let fly and Ruddy in the Norwich goal seemed to make a complete hash of it.


This was more than we had hoped for.

More heroic defending, 5+ minutes of injury time, then some rather bad loser antics from a couple of the Norwich players and Charlton were sneaking off back to SE7 with 3 points in the swag bag.

Whatever happens at the weekend, we are now unbeaten into October. 
That's TEN games.

Heady days.

1 comment:

Matthew Blake said...

love the headline...

so what (or who) completes this team? Haven't lived in the UK for 20+ years and not seen Charlton for maybe 5 years now. The defence seems solid - is it another finisher?

Also very happy to see the young guys in and around the first team - the future has to look bright with that.