Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Tale of Two Dogs

I turned on my television earlier today to witness an odd looking bloke, rather camping it up, as he minced along next to an overly shampooed canine.

It appeared to be the Cruft's dog show.

Anybody who has seen the fantastic film Best in Show won't be able to take any of that nonsense seriously, so I quickly flicked past.

Saturday was also a day of dogs for me.
I'm not really a 'dog' person, - my little pal Top Cat would agree - yet Saturday was most certainly one where I seemed to be seeking them out.

The first set of dogs were the Terriers of Huddersfield who were playing at home to Charlton.

An early goal, scored by our own homegrown youngster Callum Harriott, was the perfect start.
The next 85 minutes were somewhat shaky at times but a combination of fine defending, excellent goalkeeping, plus the kind of spirit that makes you proud were enough to fend off Huddersfield.

A 1-0 win was Charlton's 8th on the road this season and makes a mockery of the rather feeble home record.
I believe Charlton only need another win to guarantee Championship football next season. Another win  and a few draws should totally clinch it for me.

Lately, I've been having awful luck on my bets involving Charlton.
I've been betting much more successfully on LOSC Lille.
Generally, the money I've lost betting on Charlton has come back again from my LOSC bets.

For those people who don't know, LOSC are known as 'Les Dogues'.
 Literal translation is 'the mastiffs'.

Well just for once, everything came up for me.
My bet on Charlton beating the Terriers and Les Dogues to win 'le derby du Nord' had me like a dog with... etc etc.

Due to picking out Rodelin as a correct goalscorer, I was most certainly quids in last night.


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