Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Incredible Scenes

Charlton Athletic 5 - Cardiff City 4.

The team at the top of the league, came to visit a side decimated by injuries and low on confidence this evening.

Nobody would have been surprised to learn they managed to stuff 4 goals past the hapless 'crisis club'.

Yet this only tells a mere fraction of the tale.

The lowly new boys at this level managed to score 5 goals of their own to claim the three points.

This truly was the rollercoaster experience when viewed from the stands.

Cardiff went 1-0 up after just 3 minutes and managed to double their advantage with only 23 minutes played.

Oddly, despite having seen a complete capitulation only a few days ago, the Valley support stayed right with the team. Even at 2-0 down, the Addickted were chanting without cease.

Just before half time, Johnnie Jackson managed to score 2 goals of his own and the Valley was rocking.

Cardiff looked completely rattled and once they returned for the second half, they began hoofing the ball in panic and the composure they'd shown for much of the first half had completely vanished.

A ridiculously long range free kick goal by Dale Stephens set Charlton on the path towards victory.
This was amazing!
0-2 down to 3-2 up!
Could it get any better?

The answer was an emphatic "Yes!"

Bradley Pritchard managed to hook the ball back for Danny Haynes to head home in front of the North stand.
We cheered and laughed.
The cherry was dropped delicately on the top when Rob Hulse knocked in a 5th.

Charlton had scored 3 goals in just 11 minutes.
Cardiff looked spent.

The score remained 5-2 for the rest of the 90 minutes but a remarkable 6 minutes were added on at the end.

Cardiff scored what seemed to be a mere consolation goal, (the Charlton players didn't complain too hard about the ball being clearly controlled with an arm in the build up).

It was squeaky bums all around the Valley though when Cardiff managed to score a second goal in injury time.

Cardiff now lay siege to Ben Hamer's goal.
Eventually, to the sound of encouragement from 3 sides of the ground, the referee blew his whistle and Charlton had claimed a victory that will no doubt go down in Valley folklore.


A Casualty Rating
Cardiff showed just why they are up at the top of the league in the first half.
They attacked with purpose and speed.

Their appalling away record just won't go away though.
Imagine scoring 4 goals, away from home, yet leaving without even a point?

A cobbled together Charlton side performed like heroes.
Well done CP , the players and all the staff.

The recipient of the regularly awarded Lacoste polo is Bradley Pritchard.
He will never, ever, have a better game.

Well done Pritch.

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