Sunday, 15 July 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

Welling 0 - Charlton Athletic 4.
I haven't taken to writing 'erotic' fiction.
When I woke up yesterday morning, the tingle I was feeling was all down to the start of a new season.
The weather however was appalling.
The sky was, without any doubt, 'fifty shades of grey'.

All over the South East, there were people eating their breakfast after announcing Noddy Holder style,
"It's FOOTBALL!!!"

This completely meaningless yet traditional fixture is always one to look forward to.
It's a chance to have a look at any new signings & see how hard (or not) the players we already know have hit the pies over the summer. It's also an opportunity to catch up with the faces who have been missing from our lives since the last game of the previous season.

The score, as always in pre season friendlies was not important.
Having said that, it was nice to see 4 goals scored, even if the opener was a howler of a slice making the first goal credited to Charlton in season 2012 -13 is an OG.
The rather tubby Welling 'keeper made a couple of good stops to keep the score fairly respectable when Charlton threatened to run away with it in the second half.

The 40 days and nights of rain we have been experiencing meant there was never any chance I'd be on the terraces.
We chose seats in the older stand and were chuffed to discover they were practically in with the Directors.
After all the discussions surrounding Peter Varney's departure from 'upstairs', it was pleasing to see him sitting next to 'Keefy' Peacock.
He's obviously still a fan, regardless of what's gone on.

Sitting so near to the Directors and players meant we were able to see Ben Hamer showing scant interest in what was happening on the pitch.
He may have looked up from his iPad but not while I was checking!
Hamer clears another level of Donkey Kong.
We were spared the usual game of 'Who He?' due to glancing over the shoulder of the bloke in front who had scored a team sheet.

So, here we all are again then.
What will the new season bring?

No doubt the RoD crowd will tear up the Championship, waving the Pirate flag and making friends wherever there are like minded folk.

It's a blank canvas and at this stage, it's all to play for.

One thing is certain, Chris Powell is still Daddy Cool and we are lucky to have him.

Here's to a successful campaign.
Enjoy the ride everyone.

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