Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Farmers Weakly.

Charlton Athletic 3 - Yeovil Town 0.
While tonight's game was hardly a classic, it had all the ingredients needed from a Charlton perspective.

I must admit I was expecting more from Yeovil. 
They tried to play some good football but they just seemed rather flat.

They had obviously decided that Hamer is 'dodgy' from shots taken early.
Recent games may have lead them to believe this to be so but even if I had been in goal, Yeovil were unlikely to trouble the scoreboard with this tactic, unless it was from hitting it and damaging a few million pixels.

Time and time again long shots went sailing high over the bar.

New recruit Dany N'Guessan continued his remarkable record of scoring on his club debuts when (surely a cross?) was waved into the far corner by the Yeovil keeper, Walker.

One nil up with only 7 minutes played gave everyone a chance to breathe out.

There had been some tension amongst the Addicks with some believing tonight might be the game that started the club on the regular end of season slide.

A poor crowd witnessed one team doing enough to win and the other team trying hard but things just not breaking for them.

Yeovil annoyed me with their stupid Stabilo Boss inspired away kit.
Totally unnecessary.

Since when has Yeovil's traditional green meant a clash of kits with a team playing in red?
The nasty retina burning second kit may be all the rage in Somerset but in SE7 it really didn't pass any sartorial tests.

Charlton were well in command and we all breathed out again on the hour, when BWP put the finishing touch onto a fantastic header across the box by Kermorgant.

A 2-0 scoreline looked good but in the last few moments of the game it became 3-0 when Darel Russel poked home, to complete a wonderful team goal.

In summary, 3 points which was the main objective, added to a clean sheet, a couple of confidence improving fine stops from Hamer, another goal from BWP and the gap between us and second place remains the same 9 points but with another game gone from those available to catch us up.

A Casual Rating.
I have been quite critical of Waggy in recent months.
When he has come on, he's spent as much energy on berating linesmen and appealing for free kicks as he has trying to beat his man.

Tonight, Scott Wagstaff did everything he possibly could.
He was fantastic.
No moaning at officials and when he was fouled, or thought he was fouled, he just got up.

I had as much pleasure from watching Scott 'play properly' as I did from witnessing the goals. I loved seeing him charge in to block a free kick and realising he had time to nick the ball and run off with it!

For this reason, Waggy is getting the regularly awarded Lacoste polo.

Nobody is receiving the Primark novelty slogan tee shirt this time.
A good, solid team effort that may not have been perfect but it was certainly too good to start handing out booby prizes to anybody.

Ref Watch.
Late replacement referee D Coote made no enemies at the Valley this evening.
He was lucky that both teams weren't really going for each other.
I don't remember a single bad tackle all game.
The late booking Yeovil received didn't seem to be for a nasty tackle, more of a mistimed one.
It was probably a fairly easy game to officiate but I'm giving Mr. Coote an 8 out of 10.
Well done Sir.


Anonymous said...

There's still time for Waggy to go out on loan - PLEASE!!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought the Wagster played well too.
I've become more and more annoyed with his Nicky Bailey style diving act this season and it was refreshing to see him play against Yeovil rather than acting like he was playing against the officials.
I think Cort was my MOM though

Marco. said...

Cort is your Mom?
Well I hope you sent him a card on Sunday