Monday, 2 January 2012

Talking 'Bout a Resolution.

A New Year has started and it would seem we have plenty to look forward to.

London will become the focus of the sporting calendar in the summer as the Olympic merchandise machine pitches up all over town but the main focus being just over the river.

I'm relatively excited about the Olympics.
Witnessing the new structures being built locally has been interesting and whatever the legacy left after the brief moment in the sun, nobody can argue against something needing to be done about some very deprived areas of our city.

I've resigned myself to the fact that England will never host the Football World Cup Finals in my lifetime, mostly due to the jiggery pokery of Sepp Blatter and his greasy friends. 

The Olympics will have to be 'my' event to mention when I'm an old man.

I did see England beat Holland at Wembley during Euro '96 but that's it as far as big events go.
I have tickets for some Olympic sports and intend to thoroughly enjoy myself.

Despite the disruption and cost I am still largely in favour of the Olympics coming to London.
 However, I do feel they are being run for the benefit of those visiting from abroad and those people coming from out of town.

The transport links are going to be great if you are coming from up North or Paris to see your chosen games.
It's going to be chaos for anybody who lives locally and just needs to get to work, due to many services being cut or diverted so that Pierre can have an easier journey.

*and don't get me started on the plans for anybody who lives around here who fancies heading out to see friends, by car, in daylight hours!

While I'm also having a moan, what happened to the free or reduced price tickets being offered to all the school children in the Olympic boroughs?
Unfortunately, just another empty promise.

We also have the Euros in Poland and Ukraine to look forward to. 
I seem to have lost much of my interest in our national team over the last 5 or 6 years. 
There was a time when I really felt those young men represented me.  
Players such as Terry Butcher, Paul Ince, Stuart Pearce etc loved playing for their country and you could tell it meant the world to them.

Todays crop of players, unless it's their first cap, don't seem that fussed about pulling on the 3 lioned shirt, and even then it's possibly only to put them in the shop window for a 'big move'.

Some of todays top players are such a despicable bunch I'd be proud to have them not representing me, such are their "over paid, borderline rapist tendencies". 
(thanks Bill Bailey).

No doubt, when it comes to it, I'll be with friends, gathered around a television, drinking beers and stuffing Doritos but the 'thrill' I had when England played is something very much in my past.

On a personal level, I'm looking forward to Charlton continuing the progress under Chris Powell.
It's been a tough few years to be an Addick but the feeling is this could be our season, our year.
To start the New Year on top of the league is more than many of us hoped for.

Yesterday we went down to Whitstable in Kent.

Whitstable Harbour.
I love sea food but a visit to Whitstable and seeing the gorgeous array, always makes me think I should be eating more. 
Most years my New Year Resolution is to eat more fruit and vegetables but this year it's going to be fish.
As always, I treated myself to oysters, though this time I had Native rather than Rock and very tasty they were too.

Upon returning home, as any Charlton fan should, I had some pan fried haddock so I've started off well.

I'd like to reiterate my Happy New Year to everybody, (other than those scare mongering nut jobs who have decided we won't be making it to 2013). 


Daggs said...

The first time i ever tried oysters was in Whitstable last summer.
Then in October when in Brighton for the evening i had a half-dozen as a starter.
Had the shits for two days........

Marco. said...

Oh dear!
So far I've been ok though I once had a pretty violent reaction to some mussels.
(It was either the mussels or the biblical amount of Belgian beer I washed them down with!)

I still love mussels though.... and Belgian beers.

ChicagoAddick said...

Oysters are about the one thing I won't eat. The thought of them wiggling down my throat give me the heebee jeebees.

Rob said...

I am an eternal optimist, I think we will, one day, get the World Cup here, Ok every 4 years, that gives me around ten World cups to hope for before I kick the bucket.

Agree with your Olympics sentiments. Empty promises, and guess who will be paying for the next 40 years. Us in one way or another (that's 10 world cups in my eyes)