Sunday, 13 November 2011

Top Weekend.

A brief post.
When I left work on Friday evening, the weekend stretched out before me, and what a good weekend it proved to be.

On Saturday morning we went to visit my mum and took her out for lunch at a local hotel.
She said many times how much she enjoyed the meal but I think it was feeding the ducks at a nearby pond, (using bread rolls we'd pinched from the hotel) that gave her the most pleasure.

On Saturday evening the ex Charlton players lead England to a fine victory over the reigning World Champions at Wembley.
Not many people had given England a sniff of a chance but the national team poked Spain in the eye to win 1-0, somewhat fortuitously.

I must confess I found a John Terry and Wayne Rooney free side much easier to feel warm about.

Later on Saturday I hopped on the tube to head over to Hammersmith to see Motorhead rocking out.

As a kid, Motorhead were in the "What's that racket?" department as far as my parents were concerned.
Needless to say, young me loved them all the more, even sporting a Motorhead tee shirt in my very first passport photograph.

Old me has changed of course.
Much as I still enjoy the sound of Lemmy and co, nowadays the prospect of the 'Loudest Band In The World' means ear plugs being worn under my beanie hat!

Today, a rare opportunity to enjoy Charlton playing live on television didn't have the embarrassment the television executives were hoping for.  Charlton wrecked ITV's plans to show the world how far we've fallen by actually being quite good.

The commentators sounded almost suicidal as Charlton managed to put 4 goals past a spirited Halifax.

We are supposed to be crud on television so Andy Townsend and friends were licking their lips at being able to bring the viewing public a 'Giant Killing'.

I remarked as the game progressed, that had I set up a drinking game before kick off where I had to take a swig every time our defeat to Northwich Victoria was mentioned, I'd never have seen the end of the game.
I'd have been blinded by alcohol poisoning!

I was particularly taken with Chris Solly's performance, (quality!!) and also very pleased for Bradley Pritchard who scored the final goal and his first for the club.
He was looking to be a really good prospect before his injury lay off so it's great to have him back.

So, another 4 goals scored!

Roll on the Bees of Brentford next week.

Do we bet on 4 goals?

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Anonymous said...

I like the videos of motorhead. I notice you shot them.
Wish I'd gone as i liked them too when i was growing up.