Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Poor In The Paint Pot.

Charlton Athletic (B) 0 - Brentford 3.

If you saw this game, either live or on the tellybox, then you don't need me to report what you saw.

If you didn't see it then consider yourself lucky, unless you are a Brentford supporter.

Brentford scored within 2 minutes, were given a perfectly correct penalty and then in the second half put the game to bed, despite the linesman flagging for offside in the build up.

It mattered not one jot.
Losing by 3 goals is no better or worse than losing by 2 in a knock out cup competition.
As a club, we often seem to save our very worst performances for the television cameras or the cups.

A minor cup competition, live on Sky, was always likely to be a bit of a high hurdle to clear.

I would have loved to have won this evening but I'm not too bothered about losing. The league is everything this season.
Well done to Brentford who showed last year they like to take this competition seriously. They obviously plan on pushing for Wembley this time too.

I saw us play Brentford 3 times last season- ( 2 times at theirs and once at the Valley). We failed to win any of those games.
After tonight, should we add games against Brentford to those on Sky, those in the North West and those in the cups as fixtures we often struggle in?

Let's hope the team can give Tranmere a good spanking on Saturday to make up for this evenings disappointments.


Anonymous said...

We started slowly and let them score, the Doc proved he isn't worth a squad place, we now know our long wait for Alonso was waiting for nothing and we still know we are awful on television and in cup competitions.
In the cold light of day, SCP has probably gained plenty from the experience.

Peter, Brighton said...

What an awful shambles that was! With one cup game all confidence drained out of thousands of supporters who watched Charlton destroyed by a team whom we have yet to meet twice in league games.

It's fair to say that Charlton would not have scored if the opposition had gone home, that's how one-sided it was. How can that be?! Top of the league? Perhaps we are just having a laugh.

Doherty - no longer able to cope at this level.
Hughes - rusty at best
Evina - lightweight
Alonso - very poor
Green - able but impetuous, flashy?
Wagstaffe - produces little
Hayes - good touch, not well used

No-one has mentioned the embarrassment near the end of Kermogant's free kick effort. You rarely see professionals miss by such a margin.

I'm struggling to see how it can be turned around on Saturday...but can only retain the faith.

Martin said...

With respect, Peter, you seem not to have taken the context of the game into account at all. Have you actually been at any of the other games or do you prefer the comfort of your seaside armchair? All of the supporters I know have had no confidence at all drained out of them by one feeble showing by a well below strength team in a competition that's way down Charlton's list of priorities this season. In fact it could have done us an extra favour because anyone watching us on tv will think were are hopeless and underestimate us when they come to play us. Unless, of course, they have actually bothered to turn up and watch more regularly.

Marco. said...

Fight! Fight!