Saturday, 25 June 2011

Things I've learned today.

Today I had two events on my agenda, both of which I thought might be a bit of a chore to sit through.

Early this morning I was out of my comfy Saturday morning bed to leave home at 7 am.
This seemed appallingly early for a weekend.

I was in a really bad mood as I headed out into the coutryside, towards Maidstone.

I was a bit of a naughty boy a few months ago and was caught speeding in my car. Not by much, just 4 miles per hour but enough to trigger a speed camera. Today was my chance to avoid the penalty points by going on a Speed Awareness course.

As I sat waiting for the course to start, I tweeted that it all seemed a complete waste of money.

I learned to drive about 25 years ago.
I have gained lots of useful driving experience in the intervening years but it became clear today, I've also forgotten plenty too.

Despite my earlier reservations, I left the course this afternoon actually thanking the ladies who lead it and saying how much I had enjoyed it.

Who'd have expected it?
Not me, that's for sure.

This evening we went to see the Glee live show at the O2 arena.
When it boils down to it, I'm not really the target audience for Glee.
I like to think of myself as a little more left field.

Guess what?
For the second time today, I surprised myself by really enjoying what was on offer.

So, in summary, today I have learned that despite my well cultivated rebel stance, when push comes to shove I'm just a careful driving, easy listening pop culture junkie.

My cover is blown.


Hungry Ted said...

You're not alone! I done one of those Speed Awareness Courses a week back. I got caught on camera doing 34 in a 30...not exactly whizzing along!!

I was told by a couple of people that I should go with an open mind, which I did, but I couldn't help finding the whole thing rather patronising (although I appreciate they have to ram home obvious points, I guess). In the end, I couldn't get out the classroom fast enough.

Not sure about Glee! Having read your Blog regularly enough I'd have had you down for the John Peel stage at Glastonbury!!!

Anonymous said...

Just as a matter of interest. You did the course in Maidstone. Does that mean you were nabbed in the Maidstone area? My guess would be the bottom of Bluebell Hill?

Marco. said...

The course was at Maidstone but I was 'done' leaving Canterbury.
(Only car on the road, at night, speeding up as I left the town centre. The whole sky lit up with the flash so there was no debate it was me who had set off the speed gun.)

sillav nitram said...

I think it's a great bonus coming away from something you'd originally thought you wouldn't enjoy, actually enjoying it. which only goes to show you should always try something once before passing judgement.

I hope also that you're now a responsible driver? I know it often seems petty when nicked only breaking the limit by a few miles an hour but the point is, that should you be involved in an fatal accident there's no defence against your actions. clearly people can die despite observing the correct speed but hopefully one would be able to gain even a minute amour of comfort knowing you weren't breaking the law!

Martin said...

I did the course down at rugby club in Aylesford about three years ago, and went through a similar conversion process to you by the sound of it. I did find the presenters a bit patronising at times, but I learned a lot and did become a more aware and careful driver as a result.

It seems that the current programme has fallen victim to spending cuts, however, as when I went, after the 'classroom' bit had finished we were taken out for an hour for some advanced driving instruction. This was brilliant, and I learnt even more. The instructor was pointing out so much that I would have been completely unaware of before.

Marco. said...

Next time I arrive at school before 8am and don't leave until 8pm I'll remember the general public thinking I'm home in time for kids tv!
Next time I give up weekends to escort children on residential trips and don't sleep from Friday morning to Sunday night I'll remember my easy life!
I'm not complaining as I love the job.
Despite what people who don't work with children think, it really is a very physical job.
I'm on the floor with groups, teaching PE, dance, up and down stepladders etc. all day, plus all the other stuff but again, I'm not complaining as I love it.
I really don't think I'd be able to do what I do now at age 60, nevermind 68.
If you don't believe me, hold a children's party for 10 kids age 7. After an hour you'd be shattered.
Then do it from 9:00 til 3:30 with an hour off for lunch, except you end up working with groups through your lunch hour. After a few days you'd really be feeling the strain.
Some people would be prepared to coast and not give 100% as they lose their fitness with age but personally I'm not prepared to short change the kids in my care.

Again, I'm not complaining as I love my job, the kids and my school.
I wish more parents would spend a few days in a challenging school before pontificating about how easy or hard the work is though.