Sunday, 31 May 2009

No News

Well. A beautiful couple of days here in South East London.
 The temperature has been nudging that particular temperature which means Asda sell out of barbeque food and the undrinkable Carling lager in the fridge suddenly starts to look refreshing.
As Paul Merton said on Have I got News For You, it seems like all the pretty girls are solar powered - they never seem to be so obvious when the weather is foul.
However, away from the sunshine, those of us who are Addicks only want to know, WHAT'S GOING ON?
Being relegated early from the Championship made me and many others think that we could possibly have a head start on the rest of League one. We had the end of this season to start planning for next season and then we could hit the ground running over the Summer break.
Unfortunately, what we've found is ...............well nothing actually.
A few whispers about a takeover  have been going around for about 6 weeks and then.... nada.
I've had a Season Ticket since about 1995. Going to football has been a fantastic escape from real life problems including a marriage break up, work anxiety and family deaths but I'm not a fool. Why should I commit my hard earned now when I could very easily buy my season ticket in the first week of the season? Money in my bank for an extra 2 months. With the best will in the world, Charlton are not going to sell out this year. The days of having a Season Ticket or you can't get in are a long way in the past.
Until the club gives out some information concerning plans for next season I'm keeping my hands in my pockets.
New manager?
New players?
Retaining some of our better players from last season?
Just a little hint please.


Anonymous said...

Good to read you Marco.Welcome.

Got to say that this complete absence of takeover news is doing my 'ead in!

Pembury Addick

Marco. said...

Cheers P.A.
My first comment! We seem to have been treading water for far too long.
If things don't start to move soon, we are in danger of getting left behind,(again).
However, I know nothing and perhaps some big announcement is going to get the ball rolling.

StoneMuse said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!